UX lectures — Opening day, Master in User Experience Psychology

  • Marc Hassenzahl — Professor Ubiquitous Design / Experience & Interaction at Universität Siegen
  • Patrizia Marti — Professor of Experience Design at the University of Siena and Visiting Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology (NL).
  • Gillian Crampton Smith — Interaction Designer, ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement in Practice Award and am Honorary Professor at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, former Director Director Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

Marc Hassenzahl: True Happiness this Way Lies — Technology, Interaction Design and Wellbeing

“The challenge of designing for wellbeing is to identify, understand, rewrite or invent positive everyday practices, materialise them through interaction and form. Towards a humanistic approach to technology design.”

Patrizia Marti: User Experience for Human Sensorial Perception

“Our senses are only marginally involved in the interaction with the digital object. In contrast, the way human beings touch objects in daily life express a lot of meaning: first of all it expresses an intention.”

Gillian Crampton Smith — How You, digital designers are going to shape people’s lives



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Experience Design Academy

Experience Design Academy

A polytechnic centre of excellence dedicated to User Experience - by POLIdesign.