UX & the Future of Work — UX TALK #23

Zuckerberg (2021) says that “there’s no reason for employers to be trapped by an employee’s location”.

EY and The Hybridisation of Work — Paolo De Caro

We think that a new kind of employee experience is needed, something that goes beyond the mere digitisation of the workspace, rather the analysis of the whole experience of being an employee.

What is the current scenario in workspaces? How the experience of work has changed since the Global Pandemic

EY(2021) Work Reimagined Employee Survey 2021
EY (2021) Microsoft Viva. Disegnare l’employee experience per il futuro ibrido del lavoro

We fully believe that User Experience is one of the most relevant way and skill to create collaboration and participation. We see User Experience as an accelerator for human conversations.

So.. how are we going to design the next wave of hybrid working?

The Phygital Workshop — Giacomo Rozzo

When we design a physical experience, technology is the last thing on our mind.

The aim is to create frictionless experiences, in order for the technology to disappear, or better to let the user using technology but without even notices it.

Users’ needs in a Maslow Pyramid

The importance of workspaces

What changes the experience is the possibility to positively confront and educate each other, the reason why people also desire to go back to the office.



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