User Experience in Transportation Design — UX Talk #21

  • Flora Gaetani — Communication manager at TAD
  • Inon Rozen — Design project leader at AKKA
  • Antonio Grillo — Service designer and UX director at Tangity

Flora Gaetani: 5G and smart environments

How could we dispose of safer and faster streets thanks to the adaptation of 5G in autonomous cars?

  1. designing services based on an intelligent environment;
  2. exploring the vertical integration of 5G technology and a mix of platforms to support advanced services;
  3. delivering simple user interfaces to manage complex and innovative systems.

Inon Rozen: the effects of autonomous driving on the interior design of cars

We are living a transitional period in which the car is transformed from a product to a service. We need revolutionary intuitive interfaces for cars.

Antonio Grillo : the rise of User Experience in Automotive

What are the reasons for the rise of user experience practice in the Automotive sector?



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