User Experience & Creativity — UX Talk #22

Creativity is a productive capacity where imagination and reason are linked so that the obtained result is always practically feasible.

Bruno Munari

Joahn Liedgren: a narrative needs to be both inevitable and surprising

It’s not THIS experience, it’s the promise of what might come next. UX: create desire. Create promise.

“As a matter of fact narrative is always complex, but if complexity is strictly linked to narrative, how can complexity be applied in User Experience?”

Joahn Liedgren

Elisabetta Balconi: “The designer’s point of view”

Creativity is a human driver. You need to create an emotional connection with people. It’s what they do with the experience and how they interact with it that matters, otherwise it’s just a void container”

Simon Dixon and Aporva Baxi, founders of DixonBaxi

O Ye Light and Darkness || A tribute to Scotland
The first step in a project is starting by exploring references. Projects shown are by,,

Design is a deep dive approach that tackles every subtle nuances. Design is creating an experience in a team group and user experience is in every part of the product.



A polytechnic centre of excellence dedicated to User Experience - by

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