Legal Design: a multidisciplinary perspective involving User Experience, legislation and psychology to develop responsible, transparent & privacy-compliant products

“Legal Design aims to make a better legal system that people can use to protect their rights, resolve their problems, and improve their communities. It leverages human-centred Design, agile technology development, and empirical research methods to create meaningful new interventions in the justice system” by The Stanford Legal Design Lab

Transparency, Data and concerns: Design Thinking and the new Legal Design for the new privacy policy — Elisabetta Olgiati and Anna Lenzi

A contextual analysis of data management, privacy policies and company-users relationship

What are the most relevant personal data to TeamSystem users? A user first research approach

A workshop within the company to define the project requirements for data management

The six key pillars for data management, build within the company beliefs

“Contracts are not written to be understood by those who use them but in highly technical and polished language for other lawyers. So the information becomes usable only by technicians of the field. Instead, the designer should organise and visually dispose of the information to be communicated intuitively for the digital contest. This is what the legal Design is about.” by Anna Paola Lenzi.

TeamSystem’s project requirements on data management

Privacy as a fundamental human need — Alessandro Carelli

“As designers of any system that collects and processes individuals’ personal information, you will get a disproportional power over users, which implies a duty of care towards them.” Alessandro Carelli

Privacy changes and mutates over time depending on the context we live in and the people.

If privacy is violated, humans experience a negative feeling

What is the symmetry of power between the service providers and the user’s exchange of information?



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