Automotive UX as a meeting point between the fields of car design and technology: Granstudio’s and Huawei’s perspective.

User Experience in the complete design process of an innovative vehicle at Granstudio — Benedetta Grazian

When designing, it is crucial to think about the whole ecosystem of the car and its context:

“User Experience and User Interface of cars are not only what the users see or touch, as screens and buttons: they involve the whole set of interactions to pilot the vehicles. It includes every movement of the experience of both the driver and the passengers.” B. Grazian

Traditional vehicles in a city scenario
Same city scenario but with KOMMA 2021 vehicles

GranStudio UX research and UI Definition process in three steps:

Next-generation of Automotive UX Designers

Sebastiano Boni, Head of User Experience, Devices & Automotive at Huawei, introduces us to the future of Automotive and the needed figure of designers to create compelling experiences.

But in this context, what Huawei has to do with automotive cars? Considering that Huawei produces phones, how are they related to the automotive industry?

Huawei is a massive company that provides an ecosystem of high-level technology products, software, and intelligent objects. Indeed, in this innovative scenario, Huawei mission is to bring its digital capabilities and services to every vehicle.

Is it possible to let the user have the same applications and interactions on fluid hardware?



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