Addressing the psychological challenges behind a paradigm shift. Two reflections on the future and on the passage of interaction design: digital travel and touchscreen interfaces

  • John Waterworth, Professor Emeritus at Umeå University in Sweden, introducing us to the current trends for Digital Travels;
  • Daria Loi, Head of innovation at Avast, Design and UX Executive, stressing out the importance of User Research when designing next-generation interaction for innovative technology.

From virtual encounters to digital travel — John Waterworth

But what is the current status of virtual travel?

Microsoft flight simulator
Fortnite: Travis Scott Concert, April 2020

What is the significant difference between physical and digital travel?

“The sense of presence in a place with other people is what establishes an unconscious behavioural code, given by the human understanding of the situation and the consequential co-creation of a set of rules.”

John Waterworth

“We mainly represent the place we are in, in the way we act or try to act in that place.”

User-Centred Research to address the interaction of next technology innovation — Daria Loi

“We’ve done tons of user testing on this, and it turns out it doesn’t work. Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical.” Steve Jobs October 2010 Macbook Pro Event.

On what basis was this statement accepted by the industry? Where was the data to back off this strong perspective?

“Through an extended User Research, it was possible to discover that touchscreens were opening the door to a completely new form of products, interactions and features. Following a human-centred process, it was possible to identify some key trends for targeted consumers and how the product could fit in user’s daily life.”

Daria Loi

Below are ten principles that Dr Loi suggested to those considering user-centric research processes:

  1. Data is key and had user, market and tech dimensions




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